Project Description

HVAC Rectangular Duct line Square duct Auto Production Line IV


Main Features:

Duct production line Ⅳ composed of a decoiler, leveler grooving unit, “V” and “口” notching unit, cutting unit, bending unit,reciprocating lock former unit, feed extraman unit, duplex flange (angle iron & TDF) composition, the entire production process is controlled by the servo system is completed.

The production line has a cover an area of small, low energy consumption, easy to move, and high efficiency,
can produce a variety of rectangular duct. Control part with a separate console; the control system has a closed-loop feedback system, significantly improved accuracy and stability.

Duct automated production lines feed rate of 15m / min, length tolerance is ± 0.5mm, diagonal tolerance is ± 0.8mm;


  • MITSUBISHI Frequency Converter

  • Japan NEMICON Inverter

  • Taiwan Hydromax Pump

  • Taiwan High Temperature Resistant Tubing

Basic Configuration:

  • Two electric coil cradles, 4 material trays (5-7t each roll)

  • One rack

  • One host (line 2 host)

  • One mechanical arm clutching, locating and transferring platform

  • One movable locking machine

  • One duplex TDF flange forming machine

  • One duplex angle steel flange forming machine

  • One servo feeding platform

  • One hydraulic folding machine

  • One set of computer controlling system

Technical Data
Model DML-VI-1250 DML-VI-1550
Thickness (mm) 0.5-1.2 0.5-1.2
Max width (standard) (mm) 1250 1550
Max working speed( m/min) 16 16
Coiler Max-weight (KG) 8000 8000
Power (KW) 19 20
Weight 10000 12000
Dimension 18000*3400*1500 18000*3600*1500

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