Project Description

Square Duct Grooving Beading Machine

5.Grooving Machine 01

Main Features:

1)thickness : 1.2mm

2) wdith :1250 or 2000mm

3) Power:1.5KW &2.2KW

Duct Grooving or Beading Machine is used to form beads on flat sheet metal for stiffening ductwork and fittings.

Beading rolls are designed for easy replacement if damaged and bead rolls are etched into the bead roll shaft for easy alignment.

Duct beading is a much faster practice as compared to the original cross breaking method.

A Duct Beading Machine is a fairly simple machine where in you feed flat sheet metal into the machine and the machine forms 5 beads on 1300mm width sheet or 7 beads on 2000mm!!(depending on the machine model).

Technical Data
Model Thickness  (MM) Width                 (MM) Power               (KW) Weight                 (KG) Dimension(MM)
YJ1.2*1250-5 1.2 1250 1.5 390 1500*750*1130
YJ1.2*2000-7 1.2 2000 2.2 480 2550*720*1130


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