Project Description

F301 Duct Seam Portable Closing Machine

2.F301 seam closing machine 01

Main Features:

1.)Thickness :0.75-1.2mm

2)working speed:1-7m/min

3)max turning radius :350

The equipment can process galvanized sheet thickness 0.75-1.2 mm, stainless steel plate thickness 0.5-1.0 mm, very simple, fast, labor-saving, no noise, only need a 220 power supply, easy to carry, suitable for processing plants and Site use

The joint port is an ideal interface for the connection of ventilation ducts, mufflers and air-conditioning fans. It is not only good looking but also does not require any other auxiliary connecting tools.F301 can accurately and high quality combine the gap of the joint port, without damaging the surface of the metal, and the noise is low,
the joint is perfect, the plate thickness is automatically adjusted, and the plate height is not dependent on the joint port when starting, when turning at the periphery 。

No need to change the parts of the machine, high-tech and ergonomic design makes it easy to apply. It is an ideal tool for duct processing and muffler production.

Technical Data
Model Thickness  (MM) Voltage (V) Phase (HZ ) working speed (m/min) Weight (KG) Rated Power(KW)
F301 0.75-1.25 230 50/60 4~7 5.5 500
F300 0.75-1.0 230 50/60 6~10 5.5 1400
F140 0.5-1.4 230 50/60 6~10 4.2 500


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