Project Description

AutoFlex Duct Connector Roll Forming Line

1.DDM-500 Flex duct connector forming Machine

AutoFlex Duct Connector Roll Forming Line – it is composed of Feeding ,Oval hydraulic punching , roll forming,Notching (optional) and Cutting.

The whole lines is for making the duct connector which is widely used in round duct and squre duct connection .


1. Hydraulic punching;

2. hydraulic automatic cutting;

3. the main control box is Schneider, the encoder is Japan Omron, PLC and inverter are Taiwan Delta and the hydraulic cylinder is Taiwan

4. consist: two decoilers (bearing weight less than 800kg), hydraulic servo feeder, 2 sets of hydraulic punching moulds, main machine, and a holder.

Main Parameters:

  • Thickness of galvanized steel: 0.4-0.8mm

  • Width of galvanized steel: 50-150mm

  • Width of fireproof cloth: 100-300mm

  • Width of final product: 140-540mm

Technical Data:

Model DDM-500
Suitable Material Stainless steel, Galvanized steel , Fireproof fabric.
Motor power 7.5+3+0.75 KW
Forming speed 1-10m/Min
Max width (final products) 140- 540mm
Metal Sheet thickness 0.4-0.8mm
Shaft material Cr12 steel, quench HRC58-62, Chrome plate
Weight 2500Kg
Diemension 3500 x 1200 x 1500mm
Roller station 12 Stations

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