Project Description

Round duct welding Seam Closing Stichwelder

4.Stichwelder 01

Main Features:

This machine is a semi automatic stitchseam welding machine, designed for welding round duct / pipe / drums in large diameter range. Based on the seam welding machines, this machine is a special one whose electrode arms are lengthened to weld HVAC pipes.

It is controlled by PLC and easy to operate.

  • Large diameter range: 100mm~1000mm length:50-1000mm

  • High production efficiency

  • Good welding quality because of adopting double-wire technology

  • Reasonable structure and simple maintenance: compact structure; welding electrodes and main driving mechanism are of simple assembly.

  • Fast change welding pipe diameter

  • PLC & inverter control the welding speed and stitch welding pitch

Technical Data
Model SW-30-1Z
thickness (mm) 0.4-1.2mm
Range length 50-1000mm
Overlap 6mm
Speed 2m/min
copper diameter Φ2.0-2.2mm
Max Power 40KW
Weight 2500KG
Dimension (MM) 2650X800X1000

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