Project Description

HVAC Round Duct Forming Spiral Tubeformer 1500

1 Spiral Tubeforme 03

Main Features:

Model spiral duct machine 1500 is the hot sale model for air duct making equipment. It using flexible steel strip moulds for tube forming .
Easy to operate and the moving saw cutting to keep the tube cutting smooth .
It is the most cost-effictive model for making duct work .

Tube Forming Diameter: φ80-1500

Tube Length: 100-8000mm

Fabrication Thickness: 0.4-1.2mm

Machine compostion :

  • PLC control

  • Speed adjustable ( 0-38m/ Min).

  • Flexible mould setting .

  • Sensor controlling length cutting.

  • E-exchange corrugate beading rollers for big diameters reinforced .

Technical Data
Model DMTF-1500 DMTF-1500C ( up graded model )
Diameter range (mm) 80-1500 100-1500
Thickness of strip (mm) 0.4-1.2(GI) / 0.4-0.8 (SS) 0.4-2.0(GI)/ 0.4-1.2 (SS)
Strip width (standard) (mm) 137mm(Standard) 137mm(Standard)
Max working speed( m/min) 1-38m/min 1-30m/min
Lockseam Outside tube ,on the inside on the request Outside tube ,on the inside on the request
Cutting system saw blade cutting plasma cutting
Power (KW) main frame :5.5kw / cutting power :4KW 16.5KW
Weight (KG) 1708 2300
Dimension (MM) 3400*2070*2720 3800*2160*2720


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