Project Description

O frame DT-30 metal plate cnc turret punch machine 30T

D-T30 turret punch machine 01

Main Features:

  • Clamp stamping protection, when rushed clamp area, clamps will automatically avoid.

  • Tonnage overrun protection, when the pressure exceeds the set punch tonnage, the inside insurance will be switch off and stop punching, avoid large pressing makes the bed deformation.

  • Overrun protection, when travel to the limit, the machine will automatically stop, avoid a collision.

  • Automatic diagnostic program function, the devices sound an alarm when the software, system or electric failure, remind check and ruled out.

  • Air pressure protection function, alarm and stop working when air pressure is too low, to avoid damage to the clutch.

  • Voltage protection function, when the voltage fluctuation is too large, can automatically alarm and stop the work, to avoid damage the servo system, electrical components and software program.

  • Lubricating protection, equipment for automatic lubrication, when the failure will alarm and stop working.

Machine Paramters
Name Unit Specification
Press Capacity T 30
Frame Construction O-Frame
Max. Sheet Size (with one reposition) mm 1250×5000
Max. Sheet Thickness mm 4
Max. Hole Diameter mm Φ88.9
Stroke mm 40
Max. Hit Rate hpm 280 (30mm pitch)
Max. Feed Rate m/min 80
Clamps No. pcs 2
Re-positioning Cylinder set 2
No. of Stations pcs 16□ 24□ 32□
Turret Rotating Speed rpm 30
Turret Positioning Double cylinder positioning
Air Pressure mpa 0.6
Die Form Mosaic turret, Long guide tool
Punching Accuracy mm ±0.10
No. of Controlling Axis pcs 3(X/Y/T)/4(X/Y/T/C)
Total Power kw 14/15

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