Project Description

Round Duct Connector Hydraulic Gorelocker & Elbowing Machine

2.DDM -1250-E Hydraulic Gorelocker 01

Main Features:

Hydraulic Gorelocker&Elbowing Machine

1. Max thickness :1.2mm

2. Max Speed:120m/min

3.Main power :4KW+120W( cooling fan)
1)With simple structure to change male and female.
2) Very impressive forming speed,up to 120m/min ( 10 times faster than traditional model )
3) Hydraulic system ensure stable working.

Technical Data
Model DEM-1250
Thickness range (mm) max 1.2mm GI /0.8mm SS
Dia range( mm) Φ125-1250
Forming speed r/min 120m/min
Power (KW) 4KW+120W(cooling fan)
Weight (KG) 750KG
Dimension (MM) 2650X800X1000

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