Project Description

HWW-76B round and square metal pipe bending machine

HWW-76B pipe bending machine 01

Machine Features

  • more stable: the total weight meets 260kg

  • more qualified: high quality approved by CE

  • more convenient : simple operation with pleasant experience

  • more multi-function : can bend pipe into circle or half circle according to customer’s demand

  • If you want to bend pipes into a circular or arc shape ,the diameter of the circle or arc should be more than twenty times of the pipe diameter .

  • Inch, single, continuous operation mode being designed for the machine and reversing and maintain time can be controlled by the time relays.

  • We can supply bending dies in other specifications according to your requirements.

model HHW-76B rolling pipe bending machine
capacity max 3″ steel pipe (6 sets for 18 moulds)
round formers:16,19,22,25,32,38,51,63,76
max 2″ steel pipe(3 sets for 9 moulds)
square formers:16,19,22,25,30,38,40,50
motor 1500W, 220V/380V
pipe thickness 0.5-2mm
processed pipe steel pipe,seamless steel tube
gross weight 260KG
2.details for pipe bening machine

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