Project Description

GW50 Series automatic steel bar bender popular economical rod bending machine

GW50 series rebar bending machine 01

Machine Feature:

  • GW50 adopts the fully enclosed gear box separated from the working disk for no distortions even under the condition of heavy loads and no oil leaking while lifting the machine.

  • Gears,gear shafts,working disk,stop gauge,saddles,pile heads and pile head bushes made of high-quality alloyed steel with proper heat treatment(quenching/tempering/high frequency)and 3mm thick external case to ensure high performances also under heavy loads and long working life.

  • Dust proof brake motor and two limit switch to ensure the accuracy of the bending angle also after stopping and restarting.

  • Insert pin type disk and movable saddles for a precise adjusting of the bending angle.

  • CE certification

Techinical Data
Model GW50A GW50B GW50C GW50E
Bending range(mm) Round bar:6-50 Round bar:6-50 Round bar:6-52 Round bar:6-50
Class bar:6-42 Class bar:6-42 Class bar:6-45 Class bar:6-45
Motor power 4kw 4kw 4kw(with brake) 4kw
Input voltage Three phase 220v/380v/415v or customized
Motor speed 1440rpm
Disk diameter(mm) 400 350 400 400
Overall size(mm) 965*785*780 970*830*860 870*810*850 1000*920*840
weight 350kg 380kg 380kg 350kg
Driving mode Worm gear Worm gear gear gear
Operation mode Hand manual Hand manual automatic Digital panel

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