Project Description

CS-280 Semi Automatic Band Saws

CS-280 Bandsawing Machine 01

Machine Features

Scissors metal Band Sawing machine’s main drive system is composed of worm reducer, pulleys, drive wheels and other components, worm gear reducer and the drive wheel is connected directly, the transmission is relatively stable, there is no impact.

Band Saw Drive wheel speed through the belt to adjust, you can achieve a variety of cutting speed, so as to meet the cutting of different materials

Band Saw clamping hydraulic vise clamping, mainly through the hydraulic cylinder driven jaw plate clamping the workpiece.

The jaw is a single jaw clamping, screw cylinder structure.

Standard Equipment:

  • Blade cleaning brush.

  • Working light.

  • Manual feed roller

  • Length stopper

  • Roller rack

  • One piece of bi-metal saw blade.

  • One set of tools with tool box

Product parameters
Model Name New CS-280II
Original GW4028B
Max.cutting Round 280mm
capacity Quadrate 300×220mm
Saw blade Speed 25/35/45/60/80 m/min
Size 27×0.9×3505mm
Guides Carbide and bearing blade guides
Cleaning Wire brush & flood coolant
Tension Manual
Motor output Blade 2.2kw
Hydraulic 0.37kw
Coolant 0.06kw
Work feeding Manual
Work Vice Hydraulic
Machine Weight 720kg
Machine Size(L×W×H) 1770×1130×1160

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