Project Description

CH-300SA Auto Metal Cutting Band Saw Machine

1.CH-300SA band sawing machine

Machine Features:

Hydraulic saw frame feed via chrome-plated column guide.

Slightly inclined saw frame improves cutting performance and increases the service-life.

Dual hydraulic work-piece clamping.

Infinitely variable cutting speed.

Standard Equipment

  • Blade cleanning brush

  • Working light

  • Saw frame height selector gauge

  • Automatic feed Hydraulic vice assembly

  • One piece of bi-metal saw blade

  • One set of tools with tool box

  • Inverter

  • NC control

  • Automatic Hydraulic swiveling

  • Automatic chip conveyor

Optional Equipment

Bundle cutting device -2pcs

Free drive roller rack 2 meter long

Cutting capacity 90 degree 300mm for Round shape,                360WX300H for square shape
45 degree 220mm for Round shape ,                      220WX260H for square shape
60 degree 100mm for Round shape ,                      100WX230H for square shape
Blade speed(m/min) 20-80  with inverter
Blade size(mm) 34×1.1×4420
Main Motor(kW) 3
Hydraulic Motor(kW) 0.75
Coolant Pump(kW) 0.06
Workpiece Clamping Hydraulic vise
Blade Tension Manual
Main Drive Wormwheel Drive
Table height (mm) 735

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