Project Description

YDDM32 Series 100T four column hydraulic press with factory price

four column press machine 01

Machine Features:

  • Hydraulic transmission, low noise, complete functions, high production efficiency, optimized structure design, stable and reliable

  • Solid open structure welded as a whole can maintain enough rigidity of the fuselage and provide the most convenient operation space

  • The press stroke of this series of presses is generally controlled by timer, pressure switch, position sensor, or the customer’s own mold

  • Suitable for blanking, bending, flanging, sheet stretching, fine blanking and cold extrusion of metal parts

  • Adjustable pressing force, no overload, realize the pressure maintaining and delay requirements of each step in the pressing process

  • The rise height of the pressure mounting spindle can be adjusted within the travel range of the timer or position sensor

  • Low oil pump displacement, low motor power, power saving and energy saving

  • Centralized button with manual, semi-automatic and automatic operation

  • hydraulic statistics within the built-in frame, neat appearance, lightweight, stable

Optional parts :

  • Move the workbench

  • Blanking buffer device

  • Pressure regulating device for pressing edge slider and hydraulic pad (stretching asymmetric parts)

  • Photoelectric protection device

  • touch with floating guide rail and rolling bracket

  • Mould quick clamping mechanism

  • Stroke, pressure and degree display and control

  • Touch industrial display screen

  • Heating and cooling device and alarm system of hydraulic system

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