Project Description

W11 Series hydraulic CNC stainless steel plate rolling bending machine 3 roller bending machine

W11 series roll bender 01

Machine Features

The upper roller can move up and down, and horizontally. Moving up and down adjusts the bending rate, moving horizontally completes pre-bending, needn’t add press machine. It can be feed once, you can complete pre-bending and form bending without turning round. And can correct the forming workpiece.

High precision pre-bending

It can set the length freely, upper roller presses directly, can complete high precision pre-bending.

Excellent product precision

The upper roller is in the shape of drum, there are auxiliary rollers to support the adjusting. It can make excellent rolling products with thin to thick metal plates.

  • The structure style of this machine is 3 roller symmetrical.And it’s mechanical type.

  • They rotate by the meshing between the output gear of the gearbox and the bottom roller and supply the torque for bending plate.

  • It’s compact easy operate and maintain.

  • Extended shaft for profile bending.

  • The price of the machine has a big advantage.

Technical Data
Model Max rolling thickness * width Rolling speed Min rolling diameter Power
W11-6*1500 6*1500 mm 5.5m/min 380mm 5.5kw
W11-8*2000 8*2000 mm 5.6m/min 450mm 7.5kw
W11-12*2000 12*2000 mm 5.5m/min 500mm 11kw
W11-16*2500 16*2500 mm 5.5m/min 300mm 22kw
W11-20*2500 20*2500 mm 5m/min 750mm 30kw
W11-25*2500 25*2500 mm 4.5m/min 900mm 37kw
W11-30*3000 30*3000 mm 4.5m/min 1200mm 45kw

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