About top standard press brake – full cnc press brake   

The top standard press brake from DDMMACHINE

In current market , there are mainly two types of press brake :One is nc press brake and another is full cnc press brake . Today we foucus on the full cnc press brake ( top standard ) .

What is full cnc press brake ? Just based on the name , It referes to the machine operation under fully automatically mode like auto programming ,angle setting even 2D or 3D graphical programming . To reallize the full automatic operation , machine need go with full cnc press brake system .Now the most popular brand is Delem system like DA53T ,DA58T ,DA66T and DA69T ( as pics shown ) . Different controler system will suppport different function and quantity for backguage axis . Currently the axis for cnc press brake can be 3 axis +1 / 4 axis +1 / 6 axis  +1 /and  8 axis+1 . More axis machine movement will be more automatical . So just check the controller function and how many axis you need , you can choose the suitable controller system . Now the top standard system is DA66T and DA69T . These two system both can support maxium axis up to 8 axis also with graphical programming . The different for these two system is DA66T with 2D graphical programming and DA69T with 3D graphical Programming.

DELEM Controller system for ddm press brake

What is the optional choice for Top standard press brake ?   

We can provide wide range to upgrade your top standard press brake like

1) tool system : you can choose the famous Wila hydraucli clamp and crowning . It can realize the fast tool changing  .Or you can choose AMADA fast clamp with double side , it also can

make tools system easier .

Wila tool system for ddm press brake

2) Bending support :  auto follower arm or robort arm  . It can work well for thin metal plate or smaller size profile bending .

robot arm for ddm press brake

3) Power system : Hybird servo motor and pump sytem . Make machine with  Fast ram speed ,less oil consumpation and high accuracy .


Servo pump for ddm press brake

4)  othwer choice like : DSP laser protection,cooling fans ,laser postioning and ect . (see pics )

optional press brake configuration for ddm press brake


If your press brake has included above item .It will be high standard machine . To choice your press brake ,it depends on your budget ,profile and acutal bending needs .

Just contact us and share your ideas with us .So we can help you choose the one which is suitable for you .