High quality flexible duct connector with insulation layer

Flexible duct connector is widely used in hvac industrial . It is our new reserch to make a flexible duct pipe for duct connection .

Our machine is composed of  two decoiler, hydrualic servo feeding , hydraulic punching with 2 sets punching mould ,roll forming &hydraulic automatic cutting;

flexible duct connector making

The main data of DDM flexbile duct connector :

  1. Thickness of galvanized steel:4-0.8mm
  2. Width of galvanized steel:50-150mm
  3. Width of fireproof cloth:100-300mm
  4. Width of final product:140-540mm
  5. Power: main machine 3kw, converter motor and hydraulic station 5kw, motor and feeder0.75kw
  6. Main machine: 3000*1500mm, the whole set of equipments occupy 3 meters wide and 12 meterslong
  7. Weight: 2500KG
  8.  Forming speed: 0-10 m/min

Detailed photo for our DDM flexbile duct conector :

 flexbile duct connector forming insulation flexible duct connector

Durable ball bearing steel of the roll forming part         flexbile duct connctor with insulation layer

微信图片 20210121171444 flexible duct connector sample

PLC controll with touch screen                                     Perfect sample made by our flexbile duct connector

container loading for flexbile duct connector

Machine finished container loading and deliver to our customer in South Africa .


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